The impact of socialization on the behavior of children

  • Jameel Hamid Atiyah


The most important socialization processes impact on children at various age levels, because of their key role in the formation of their character and integrity, and is one of the learning processes through which children acquire the customs, traditions, attitudes and values prevailing in the social environment in which they live, and the socialization process through multiple media, the family is the most important media, children receive various initial skills and knowledge it is a censor on media education, highlights the role of the family in direct and guide children Several methods in child-rearing, such methods may be together or otherwise, both on a personal and their behavior, whether positively or negatively. And if the family through its role as the most important medium of mass rearing shape the behavior of their children, they cannot deny the role of the social environment in which they live, whether family or neighbouring residential communities and certain qualities and characteristics and culture that distinguishes it from other communities that have the effect of not less importance on the role of family members in the sense that the social climate will not let doubt adopt specific methods of socialization differs from One place to another.This research aims to identify methods of socialization and its effects on children's behavior, and recognize the importance of the role of the family in comparison with other institutions of socialization, and detect the most widespread deflection acts between children and the gravity of their community, as well as learn how institutions of socialization in children's behavior, and then try to access to scientific results and the recommendations given to achieve sound social upbringing avoid children. For the purpose of this study was to address the child's socialization and methods, organizations and then the main theories of socialization, as well as clarifying the most important factors leading to juvenile delinquency, and finally the researcher's findings and recommendations


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