Napoléon Bonaparte et Julien Sorel, deux héros de même type

  • Rula A. Abduljabbar
  • Ahmed S. Ghani


During the French Revolution (1789-1799) , France has experienced a turbulent period between the Republican and the rule of absolute monarchy . Undoubtedly , each period has its supporters and its opponents.After the abdication of Napoleon Bonaparte ( Napoleon 1st) , the bonapartismes are poorly received in the French society, they are hated by the royalists . This conflict that divides the French company this time, occupies an important place in the literary works , particularly those of Stendhal * . This writer is very interested in the influence of the French Revolution and its impact on French society.In his novel " The Red and the Black " , Stendhal shows this influence through the characters of the novel. Julien Sorel, the protagonist of the novel is an example . He loves and admires Napoleon Bonaparte . In other words, Julien considered Napoleon as his idol. Why this character is considered, somehow , as the disciple of Napoleon. In fact , Julien adopted all the ideas of his master, especially its principle is to use love to have a social promotion.In this research, we try to highlight the hero's admiration for Napoleon. It is important for us to show how the hero , Julien Sorel, following the steps of his idol until death. 



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