Study habits for student in preparatory education

  • Rajaa Mohammed Qasim


Tried to style the link between education and sociology , this study sought to find out the differences in study habits for students of education preparatory phase variable depending on sex ( males - females ). And the impact of these differences on the academic achievement of both sexes and down towards improving achieve of the knowledge and raise the level of creative thinking and improve the capacity of the learners in general. The study included in addition to the provided sub Detectives represented the purpose of the study and its importance and its approach to the theoretical framework and a review of some of the previous studies with the definition of the most important scientific concepts contained in the study.The study included a number of analytical tables derived from field work , which explains both of which usually study habits and indicators of variance and coefficient of variation and the differences between the two samples of the sexes in the percentages indicating the results of the use of statistical measures in the analysis as a measure ( chi square ) down to a number of findings and recommendations . .


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