Contradiction of Two Predicates and its Treatment Methods for Fundamentalists Comparative Study

  • Salman Kadhim Al-Sadkhan Al-Bahadli
  • Asst. Prof. Dr. Mohammed Olaiwi Al-Shamari


The research emanated from the Master thesis titled "In congruity of two Informed Speeches and the Fundamentalists" Remedy Methods- A Comparative Study" which I supervised and was written by Mr. Salman Kadum Alsadkhan Albahadili, a student in the College of Basic Education- Almustansiriya University- Islamic Sciences Dept. in 2008.The thesis includes important matters in Fundamentalism, substantially:It exhibits the idioms in which this disassociation is based upon and the most important one is the Logical Basis that processes the incompatibles as well as simplifying the quote when dismissing it, with the sources, and with those who conveyed it. It became well known with the late era of the 12-Imams. The relevance is of little importance since the research is specialized in the inconsistency of the passed down information. This disassociation does not apply to all the aspects of the informed speech.The liability connotation of the disassociated is an important matter since it specifies where the contravening is in the matter of evidence irrelevancy, which is of important consequence such as affecting the informant speech by halting it.Then the thesis shows a very important issue which is ((Having a Consensus on the quote as much as possible)). Those who recommend this concept are the Veterans of the fundamentalists who are not of the 12 Imam followers. Some referred this concept to have been recommended by the Alallama* Alhilly (*a religious rank) and the Second Martyr, and the fixed by sequences that the 12 Imam followers say be sequence, i.e. first the consensus, then the more probable, then the replaced, then the likely or the dismissed.The research also shows the informed speech by being likely and those who conveyed it as well as the insignificance of being a primal origin while in the informed speech there is a secondary origin which is the probable informed speech that does not permit going back to the primal origin.Then the research conveyed informed speech by halting and the difference between halting, the spare, and the dismissed. We found out that the fundamentals of the non-12 Imam followers research the halting according to the informed speech by equivalence in the same mater sometimes and other times by logic. It also conveyed other types of informed speech in processing the contradictories as a primal origin as the 12 Imam principle or as grades of logical processes. It conveyed as well the spare informed speech, its resources, and what Alghazali Imam said that if the contradictory is in duties then what is likely is chosen due to the fact that being likely is not religiously forbidden, as well as what the Iraqi inspectors demonstrated and explained when mentioning a part of the contradictory and researched its rules and that the fundamentalists have specialized in it, which is: the contravene between two informed speeches by science after the two informed speeches appeared even for the reason of suspicion by one of conveyers of the speech that the story behind the appearance of the informed speech by the Imam (peace on him). 

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