Features of Education in Islam

  • M. D. Hussam Abdul-Zahra Ghafil


Praise be to Allah and peace and blessings on the completed creation breeding and note on The God of the good and virtuousEating a researcher at the first section Introduction to Education in Islam has proven educators contemporaries that education is the process intentional or unintentional adopted by the society to nurture new generations and in a manner that allows the development of their energies and their potential to the maximum extent possible within the framework of a given culture texture curriculum, trends and ideas and systems that the society in which they arise, including making them aware of their jobs in this community, and the impact of all of them in the service of the community, and personal style of his choice, then the type of behavior that he must being supplied. In the second part, the researcher highlighted the aspects of education in the Koran, as the Koran stressed the importance of education, pointed out in a number of verses to it. The third section contains the positions and speeches emphasize the educational aspects in the Hadith. The researcher chose in the last section views of the imams of the Muslims as well as scientists and curricula of parents in the education of their children 




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