Manifestation of the values of religious tolerance in Iraqi society father Dr. Peter Smith (25/11/1937-26/11/2010) and its Scientific a model

  • Sameer Abdulrasool Alobaidi


The perception of national unity through diversity of religions and sects, as you look at the national unity through multi-country, Both phenomena give us strength to face external threats. Coexist in Iraq many religions and doctrines, convergent divergent and sometimes at other times, keep everyone on their presence as far as what can be juxtaposition one geographical spot. Christians lived on the land of two rivers thousands of years ago, and left a cultural legacy and historical evidence suggests authenticity and depth of their roots, Therefore love this country, and saved him in word and deed and made sacrifices in the processChristian culture lived through periods of history along with the Islamic culture Bypassing outlook ethnic and religious groups, with each retaining conservatively and tools in work and production, which was born homogeneous in the social base and a partnership between the other categories of diversity.Within this context, the late Rev. Dr. Boutros Haddad (1937-2010), among the last historians specialists on Iraq's Christian in the nineteenth century, and in so doing work and continues the tradition of historians who specialize in the field. It is among the most interested in philosophy and he believed in tolerance between religions, stressing that intolerance "the first steps that lead to dangerous sectarian wars and conflicts." It belongs to generation Iraqi known for its activity and effectiveness in the last decades of the twentieth century. The man is one of Iraqi intellectuals who served Iraq and its history and society exemplary service. He lived and died, holding his hands the torch of love and peace flowers, and provided for the library large number of Arab business task that Iraqis need to understand the fundamental aspects of their history and their community and their heritage .. The man also was an advocate for intimacy and tolerance .. The translator was brilliant for a significant number of actions that judge-made translation and commentary by virtue of being able to several languages .. The distinction also in his own way, whether in the study of theology canon or the study of local history in addition the basic information needed by historians, especially those related to the modern Iraqi history. , Especially in investigations that are not preceded by a Iraqi historians 


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