The roots of democratic thought European

  • Dr. Hassan Zughayyar Huzeim


The search in a democracy has to start the definition of what is democracy, then the starting point should stand then.Democratic doctrine of philosophical and social, it is also a system of governance, meant literally - people power - the power in the people, which is a Greek word vehicle wireless Mzjia from Fezan two (Demos Demos) means the people, (and Kratos Kratos) and means of governance and literally means in politics is the rule the people.Not easy definition of democracy due to the coverage of various aspects of life affected by the data-historical, political, social, economic, and that the most common definition is the rule of the people, and the people, for the people, as defined by Toynbee as "the effective control of Humanitarian Affairs on the part of the masses." As defined by the U.S. Department of Education "as the different ways by which people participate in government." And identify it with several types, including direct democracy and indirect democracy and representative democracy .... Etc. ().



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