return a home place indication in poem of expatriate

  • Dr.Saleh Zamel


Title of this research in touch with desire of possess of place that we determined it in title ( in the home ) , the desire here unify with loss because the required may be return , but this returning back may not be with physiological methods for its rarely ( at time of writing the text ) rather , at least as concern to the poet , perhaps there is defect between me & others make these relations sporadic to be in natural being , so they are be replaced by retrospection memory , the home means place would be returned that texts search its space , and roar over it through references in the text , firstly identity , speech is specified in one of its links with others , it revokes present two places , one of them we call it ( here ) , and ( there ) this space with its conflict pushes to link with one of two places , it is the first home , certain symbols are returned as indicate to places of home or implication to words of that are told or worlds & rites or culture are within them , as method of love that are taken from old Arabian courtesy , it is phenomenon of preventing or non- reaching and virginity . This research takes care for place in expatriate poetry , and take sample of study from poetry group to poet Ibrahim Abdulmalik , he is one of Iraqi poets who are residents abroad , here our title be exhausted , whereas study intends to read place not by we authorized them in studies of Basilar or its challenges but we back to theories of Yuri Littman , that enlarged to view the place . 

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