Motives of poetic creativity Badr Shaker Al Sayab model

  • Nahla Hanun Sada


The Badi Creator: - is the thing that first. And innovation is not something considered unacceptable in all circumstances, there is fad-hui that are consistent with what came in the book of the year. The shadow is what heresy otherwise. And creativity from the point of psychology is to compensate for the lack or achieving the same. Poet and creative dying, may experience related to ego gave him to raise an old experiment took place on the ego and exchanged trials of vulnerability and impact. Induction and production of the poem, then creativity is born of the conflict in the soul, a major conflict resulting from the impact of the poet in particular and the Pacific particularly affected. We have noted that the term motive is the same motive, and there is a question must be answered is, Is there a creation without a motive? The answer is lack of motivation to be signed by the writer in the cost statement. We must point out that the vigilance of the grounds of the good work. And reminded us that the ancients are many factors to creativity, and after there is a relationship between the poet and his society, is the conflict between personal goals and common purpose. Why we chose 

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