King Ufa unified the kingdoms of the Saxons

  • Dr.Arwa Khaled Ali Mustafa


There is no doubt that the era of King Rex Ufa OFFA REX Anglo-Saxon king of England, uncertain, historians did not write about extensively, and did not study the historical and scientific study is still in need of extensive research, because the history of Anglo-Saxon England is a chapter of the history of Germanic invaders, barbarians. Before they get into how the Ufa unification kingdoms Alankulosackson, the most important of his work that he made, it should be noted briefly the reasons for the advent of Alankulosackson to the island the British, to be input naturally leads to the understanding of the conditions attached Ufa throne of Mercia Mercia and the consequent from the start to gain control over all the kingdoms Alankulosacksonah and standardization. 

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