Human and National Security Effectiveness in the Modern Iraqi State 1921-1963

  • Raad Kassem Saleh


Sufficiency means the successful endeavor to meet the needs necessary to ensure the survival of a decent life and progress, has limited meaning to meet a specific need to satisfy itself. And security is not intended to be that assigned to the community of the state to defend him as a unit in the context of the international system but also security in a holistic view, which focused upon first Alsosiologion when analyzed inability of nation-states for satisfying the essential needs of individuals and the impact of this deficit in the weak capacity to defend the state, phenomenon colonial is a result of the superiority of peoples sufficient security in the required levels on poor people and vulnerable groups or people rich and poor, you might not achieve its objective of this when faced with communities a coherent and has a kind of moving from the Homeland Security document on human security, in the case of a lack of people vulnerable to human security arrange the outlets of the interventions International and the UN at the expense of cracking the national security of the weak countries such as that in Bosnia for the period 1992 - 1995 and the situation Rwandese in 1994 and the situation of Cambodia in 1975 and the Palestinian situation after the First World War until the present day and the situation of Iraq and Afghanistan's with the U.S. occupation and the situation of Lebanon, which arranged the political sectarianism which accepts the occupation Israeli and Syrian military presence and the compatibility of regional and international at the expense of cracking the security of the Lebanese state, state of the Somali people increasingly suffering life and violations of basic rights in the form that made him incapable of producing countries agreed on the construction of by all blocs human to the Somali people, who became a tool of warlords and international and regional powers, all cases still cause serious damage to human security for the peoples of these countries 




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