I'm spinning in poetry of ibn albuny al -Andalusian Died in the fifth century of migration

  • Dr.Mahmoud Shaker Mahmoud


It seems that the environment Andalusia have helped the prosperity of current spinning, where the mixed Arab population of the island Andalusia and lived the life of an urban soft lured by various means fun and promiscuity, and freed from many fetters and traditions, then that Andalusia had a good chance of the beauty of the human Khz nature of beauty, which called the attention of the Arabs and warned their emotions, they said, in spinning, and described the enchanting beauty that reins king of hearts, felt emotionally true and the beautiful Okther of novelty, in which the paper is and the beauty of music. He knew the Andalusians love manifestations different and they experienced faces differed depending on their circumstances and rituals, they knew love is chaste and their suffering and their pain, severity, and their grandfather, and knew him love extreme Banhrafhm and Hdhuzhm, was the spinning of both types: spinning Palmzkr, spinning Palmant, of the most important trends that have attracted the poet I'm brown. He assumed the spinning place marked in his poetry, Fastgrq of his hair almost half, whether Ghazla Palmzkr or Ghazla Palmant, a high percentage of Ankad we have ever seen him other poets, but who have dropped out of the yarn, and spun independently is intended for the same, it was not a tradition at the forefront of praise 


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