Psychological significance of the wish in the quran

  • Ridha Jassim


The Koran will suffice pride and status that words will suffice Aziz Jalil, a miraculous natural laws of the extraordinary challenge of which opposed it on the wall like him come up with ten Muftriaat as alleged by the infidels and then challenged them to come up with one preferred the fit of fencing stigmatized the opposition in the statement. And it is not reasonable to Nankr the greatness of the Quran in his style and his secrets, but he was the source of attic conversion and utilization.And studies that addressed the important Quranic sciences has expanded and diversified and there were many, and sank in the depths of knowledge are still unable to do so.Me Modern Linguistics issues of language associated with the self in a branch of psychology of language, and psycholinguistics Khaleeq that receive attention linguists, and enjoys the Benayathm as to the action of the soul, and words expressing them, as well as compositions function on the meanings psychological show the ability of linguists to Acetknah self human stages of development in social, scientific, because the words ((symbols not only reflect the meanings inherent in the self, a need, to provide mental, as they prove every step of the human mind)) 




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