Theoretical roots of semiotics in the Qur'anic discourse

  • Hassan Abdul-Hadi alDujaili


Of the things striking that studies linguistic modern () went in the Arab Monetary talk to the discourse of human: dismantling, study, and in-depth diligence results, and indications note that the halo superpower of these results and implications are in the space of imagination () and imagination (), while the reality is weak too, but hardly to be very tight (). Perhaps to escape - in most cases - of Qur'anic discourse () and make it away from the lesson lingual his causes of the many, and serious, and which of them: he text of the Divine - that is subject to discretion of the traditional - and to the Koran causes to go down, with his interpretations, and interpretations, as well as the rest of the structures that - often - I studied the history of the Qur'anic discourse.


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