Women and love in Andalusia on the mirror collar dove

  • Dr.Khalil Muhammad Ibrahim


Is the message (collar dove in intimacy and thousands (l) Ibn Hazm Andalusi) an important message read by many people, it received bulletins are many, and prints more, investigators multiple and diverse; each book, for the purpose, not of this subject have modest; track releases or editions , nor the reasons for the investigation, but would this research that draws attention to the doors, it was stated that some of them quote quotes; together with the addresses of the doors so they can be those who do not have the researcher adopted edition of the book to go back to any other edition use by taking advantage of the number of door or address or both according to the bulletin, which goes back to it, and the right of interested in this research to know that for this search reason is the following: - that the researcher noted some of the different mass media; incite rejection of love, he saw that this book presents; noting in during the show there is a phrase that many of the scholars and thinkers of Arabs and Muslims; dealt with in place of love, Vibahtha, how can we reject this; at a time when we call to compassion and love 

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