Alhuaml characters in the book of the meanings of the letters of the Rmani

  • Dr.Jassim Mohammed Abdel Al Aboud


And then:Deemed worker grammar hub of Arabic grammar and the center of gravity and integrated approach to Aistgny him, for this the face of scientists and researchers, past and present studies towards the factors and their causes and their right to do so because as the impact of the influential factor and place, and the presence of factors, particularly in the letters appeared the word Alhuaml that came a shadow of the worker or In contrast to the door of the work grammar, as Njaddalrmani) c 384 H (in his book) the meanings of the letters (repeats word Alhuaml or character Hamil repeatedly with each character is an almost (1) I believe that the use of the word character is working from the perspective of the significance of grammatical, meaning The letter from the employer neglected grammar is a laborer, but his meaning in words. Raises attention to the label that rarely found used in the books of the factors the grammatical and books as the other; so we decided to look at the subject and studied separately and competent characters Alhuaml, and trace the ills of neglect of those characters and we found some of them mentioned in the book Rummani did not give reasons for many of them, it was necessary for us approach to scientific research and its origins in the investigation of information received and the budget books of other letters, especially bug neglected in order to get to the results after display those characters according to the sequence of literal, and will be mentioned _ God willing _ in the search results, we relied on displaying the characters Alhuaml for study and research the way the book Rummani in his approach Bzkraharov According to the sequence according to the number of alphabet letters to Vksmnaha unilateral and bilateral characters, letters and three letters successively Quartet (2) Talking about the order, and displayed before displaying the characters Alhuaml and supply a brief identifies Alhuaml factors and between the middle range I mean, who is a worker and Hamel at the same time must be mentioned with regard to side Hamil him and the number of letters both by his field-phased according to the number of letters and we will remember the characters, whichever is greater negligence.Must refer to the references and sources that we adopted in enriching the syntactic information contained in our search above this humble book as Vqran Sibawayh) v 180 e) must be the first reference book brief and servants of the cooler) T e 285) and references grammaticalOthers, such as written letters, the letters meanings of the glass (d. 337 AH) and the Book houses the letters of the Rmani also achieved by Dr. Ibrahim Al-Samarrai and enough assignment on the front to achieve for this book with another book is a book (the border (for Rmani well, and our supply of the studied Homani letters achieve, Dr. Abdul Fattah Ismail Shalabi who spoke in them for life Rummani scientific luxury and thriving in the history lesson, language and grammar, with a total written more than a hundred books in the various sciences of language and Alnhowaltfser Science and the Koran and other sciences which are derived from the written media. and should cite the balance between written Jana proximate in character meanings to Abu Qasim Moradi (d. 749 e) and book (singer Allbeb for books Alaarab (Ibn Hisham al-Ansari (d. 761 AH) with a book Rummani) 3), reflecting the rich heritage on the mentality of a genius in the Arab world (4) ought to be emphasized and praise and study. We tried to support the search for sources of scientific truth in the administration, confined as illnesses as we find democracy as explained in the books of which (as explained by Ibn Warraq) (d. 381 AH) and references and sources in ancient and modern will be mentioned in the presentation of search pages to come.As for his doctrine of the same number d grammar. Abdel Fattah Ismail Shalabi, mostly just visually and this does not mean lack of advocacy for Kovyin in some views, unique and in some cases, the opinions of its own 




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