The number 82 is being issued in the midst of a growing climate of knowledge, trying to touch mobile research tracks in a fast and tense manner. If stability is the dominant factor in the prevailing and familiar, contemporary manifestations have suggested their own character in stability. We are trying to present the methodological formula for raising what can be raised in this rapidly evolving and tense field. The descriptive description in most of the propositions is related to the knowledge of the question, which implicitly imposes on the research trend. , To enter the university in the reservoir of ideas and get out of the crucible of the location of the description of geography, may be the exact specialization is the most prominent feature in the narration of research reflect the ideas prevalent or different, but the specialized presence is which gives academic journals their symbolic capital, For academic climates, we hope that this number will be a continuation of the different ways of pitting the knowledge.
Published: 2018-08-30