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Author Guidelines

Terms of Publication
In the Journal of Arts of Mustansiriya

1- The study (or study) is presented in the form of four individual copies on A4 white paper, with proper spaces between lines, 3 cm from all sides and font size used (14 Arabic letters), but no The number of search pages (or study) exceeds (25) pages.
2 - Search in two files and a format (pdf) with the formula (Word), on a CD (one) and in a neat manner and consistent exclusively with the numbering of all pages. Witk on the front page of the research is the interface: Arabic (English) Arabic (Beta) is mentioned in the Arab interface.
3. Tables, charts and diagrams are drawn in Chinese black ink on a drawing paper. The pages are numbered and contain a short title indicating their contents.
4- Submit with the research (or study) an Arabic and English abstract that is not more than half the page or less.
5. The research (or study) must not be published or published in any magazine inside or outside the country.
6- Research or study is used for evaluation before.
7. Research or studies shall not be returned to their owners, whether in the journal or not
8. Published research on the opinions of the owners and does not examine the viewpoint of the editorial board.
9. It is prohibited to mention the researcher's name in the research.
10. The publication fees shall be paid in the journal as follows:
Professor 125,000 Assistant Professor 125,000
C. A teacher below 125,000 d (125,000) hundred dollars from Arab colleagues, and to bring support and return to the researcher after deducting twenty (twenty) dollars.

12. Reference is made to the sources and margins at the end of the research with figures placed in parentheses and written according to the following numbers:
Article: Author name (or author), "title of article", name (month and year), page number
Book: The author's name (or authors), "title of the book", edition. (Place of publication: publisher, year of publication), page number or pages.
13. The sources shall be arranged at the end of the research in the following manner:
Article: Author's name (or author) under title. "Article title". Journal name (month, year) The beginning and end pages of the article.
Book: Author's name (or authors) under title, "Title of book", Place of publication: Publisher, Year of publication.
Note: The search is then placed margins and then sources.
Letter of correspondence and inquiries to:
Baghdad / University of Mustansiriya / Faculty of Arts / Journal of Arts Mustansiriya / editor of the magazine.