The impact of ideas gardens in the collection of the fourth grade students of literary material in literature and texts

  • Assi. Amna Amer Abdulla


The current research aims to study the method of thinking which is the development of methods Gardens ideas, and its impact in the collection of fourth-grade students in the literary material literature and texts.In order to achieve this goal applied researcher experiment on a sample of (25) students from the experimental group and )26 (students from the control group, it was done after the parity between the extraneous variables: the chronological age of the students measured in months academic achievement for parents academic achievement for mothers Arabic language and the final grades for the academic year before, and adjust the variables related to the pilot position, namely: the differences in the selection of the sample, the measurement tool, the impact of experimental procedures. The researcher also determine the scientific material and the formulation of behavioral objectives.The search tool is a test to measure the achievement of the research sample students after the application of the experiment on them, and the test paragraph consists of (30) spread over three sections: the first of multiple choice consists of (10) paragraphs, the second of the type of supplementation blanks consists (10) vertebrae, and the third from the right and wrong type consists of (10) paragraphs, too.After application experience reached researcher to the result which proved null hypothesis for the emergence of a difference refused statistically significant at the level (0،01) between the mean scores of the two groups and in the interest of students who have studied the material literature and texts garden ideas; because the T calculated value (3.353) is greater than T Value Driven (2،680 ). We find that the ideas style gardens said students in the experimental group, as results showed the high level of attainment and Tvogahn the students in the control group post test conducted by them, a researcher at the end of the experiment.So the researcher recommended the need to train teachers to use methods beyond the knowledge and especially the gardens of ideas in the teaching of art and style in the training programs of in-service or in preparing them in their college programs, where proved effective in the educational process up to the current experience.

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