Interrogation the meaning of gender

  • Asst. Prof. Dr. Mazin Marsool Mohamed


Perhaps the talk about gender and everything related to it needs to be research tools high -precision serve to clarify the true picture of this concept and what that includes and what are the things that pointed to it, so as to remove the ambiguity and try to decipher the confusion around him through conflicting views about it for reasons that may be related to the justification attempts breach of the rules of life and come up with new rules that would lead to a rise in sex at the expense of another race and the consequent persecution of rights.That gender is an attempt to rewrite the life according to the social division and not on the basis of classification biological , which is determined on this basis all the values , customs and traditions and functions of human , so as not to lead to the dominance of sex at the expense of another race , and his sense of inferiority , as it aims to eliminate the male power granted by the communities for males according to biological classification and consideration to femininity as an entity does not differ from the male in contributing to the life , that it is not aimed at marginalized masculinity , but recast their roles in life.The society is the creation of these disparities between males and females without regard to qualifications that can be carried by both sexes , and is not cancel these differences only through the creation of gendered clear based on the order of the leaves of the new grant of female rights in society as an entity shareholder , effective and from duties without consideration have a look inferiority belittled , as well as create new roles for males and save them from where they are of conditions has drawn them to the community and make them consider the owners of power in this life, not willingly , but according to the classification of biological , which granted them this status , and the industry culture gendered trying to build frameworks life new co-exist where human beings of both sexes according to these data , and not on the basis of marginalization and exclusion of sex without another .Questioning the meaning of gender purpose of the interrogation What is gender and what that includes, by definition in such a way to draw a clear picture of this concept and the removal of the lack of clarity between him and the other concepts, and why involve dealings and how to set limits on its own distinguish it from others to achieve his goals without mixing it, it which leads to a poor impression and deal with all the data of this concept.

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