Death when poets spinning in the Omayyad period

  • Muslim Malik AL-Asadi
  • Jassim Abdul Wahid Rahi


Thankfully in the transcendent greatness mastermind of the things his will, and peace and blessings be upon His creation Brith ring prophets and His Messenger, and the divine from each house and Almentajabin of his companions.And yet ... In spite of the fact that death frequent and unusual phenomenon, especially that it is one of the axioms to the conscious mind, logical thinking, but it still holds a great deal of human thinking, especially poets of them, since the tragedy deepening whenever nearing the doors of his old age, and reached the end of its life ; became soon return to rest his soul he came from.But this verse is reflected in places graduated from known and scope of the subject have this dreaded object turns when a group of people to the companion is required, and is desirable and undesirable, the owner is looking for multiple ways, becoming more and more need, even equal to the amount of life and even beyond in some of its resources to demand wish to be collected, but upheld the mercy and eternal comfort and tranquility and let him.From here began a journey to find the submerged swirl poems of this group and we mean the (Umayyad poets spinning) to reveal the cause of the spread of this phenomenon have found that the perception of death, you were equal or not? Is specialize poets spinning virgin mother poets spinning perceived? Why not try a marked (b death when poets spinning in the Umayyad period).The idea of research was under the guidance of (Prof. Dr. Mohammed Hussein al-Khatib) who suggest this research urged to study this aspect when this group of poets, and in accordance with the requirements of the subject, which contained two demands and we mean them (death and spinning) has split Search on three topics: specialize first by showing them to Fezta death and spinning in the language and terminology.The second section devoted to talk about death as a topic of poetry, as well as overlapping contents when poets spinning.The third section relates to look for manifestations and cruel death when these poets and how they emerged through the poetic texts. Oakibna those detectives Conclusion Pena where the most important findings of the study, the most important highlight the big link between love and death and life Love man forget the suffering of a sense of self, anxiety and fear of death because it is human to forget the troubles sense of self and loss of love leads to a sense of alienation and loss, anxiety psychological and thought of death and annihilation.. Death became when poets spinning like a cross word does not mean anything for the poet. Because it really is dead because of the separation, but perhaps the death Sarahmh and brings him comfort, especially that he would give him freedom with the likes of his life in the other.. overlapped signify death with time when poets spinning and reflected on capillary action, which came Ontjoh poetry like an expression of what is going on Bjuatarham neighborhood of concerns made them think death two students coming perhaps shorten the duration of their torment worldly:List as well as the sources and references adopted by the research.However it must be noted that the study was confined to only seven poets RPR hair that mostly was in one purpose is spinning away from their hair in other Ogrdahm, even with Rod vocabulary death where and only a limited study in special requirement is the subject of research. Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds

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