Dialogue novelist and technical bets Study in the novel ( body memory)

  • Dr.Ahmed Hussein Jaralla


According to the strategy of hiring possibilities stylistic , artistic and aesthetic dialogue of both types ( internal dialogue ) and ( external dialogue ) was able to give her novel writer ( body memory ) literary specificity .At the level of job shares structural dialogue in the time to build a profile of the novel , and provide personal , build and develop the event .And the level of stylistic find that the dialogue exceeded his job news to function influence the recipient through making use of the data the theater , they did not stop the formulation of camel talk shows when the significance of language narrow , but surpassed to things other than the language of a significant impact in determining the significance of such description vocal performance and the personal and their relationship Balmkhatab and surrounded by circumstances and conditions , this is what comes external dialogue .The internal dialogue appears versatility ( Mosteghanemi ) within this kind of dialogue in their ability to penetrate the depths of the characters fiction and delve into her feelings and her feelings and Ashjanaa and concerns , and the most prominent feature stylistic dominated this type of dialogue is rallying sentences Alastfhammeh Tools exclamation and ask questions without answers to which opens the narrative on different directions and pushes the reader to the reincarnation of the situation that prevailed in the personal and participate in the search for a possible answer .The language of dialogue and both types have varied Thelont and ranging from the realistic level simple documenting an important phase of the history of Algeria . The level of poetic all means hair and techniques to express their emotions and human relationships . The deep philosophical level and try Alnzerely familiar objects from different angles .These and other possibilities granted ( dialogue novelist ) Energy technical support position and ensure his success in the technical stakes . 

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