Verbal thought among Western and Arab linguists facilitators

  • Dr. FAAZ Abdul MALIK Mohsen


Modern linguistic studies is a matter of debate and discussion among various modern language schools, especially in the Arab world to what caused these studies of qualitative shifts in the march of global languages, including Arabic. The remaining comparison between the Arab Science and Linguistics a list of what remained of languages and continues to evolve, and we must in this research of the extent of the Arabic language capabilities and sufficiency including inherited from a variety of science have the ability to perform the task of communication between her sons and survival among world languages, and linguistics has significantly contributed to the open broad prospects for research and study and exploration to see what languages and the relationship between them and placements similarities and differences between those languages and the possibility of communicating and benefit them, was known Arabic language Bdzaltha and eloquent of what it enjoyed from... Science together constitute the integrated texture coordinates between form and substance and structure and its relationship between

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