Standards of sound When Muslim philosophers

  • Alaa jabor mohammed


Different Muslim philosophers in their studies voice with their predecessors of Darcy sounds as benefited from their knowledge of the natural sciences and medical characterize the sounds of the physical and anatomical, and thus came out of the tradition is common in the study of sounds and characterized by their language - as well as the method of philosophical - scientific manner discreet brief in many cases . In order to highlight these features that characterized the lesson voice at the Muslim philosophers DETERMINED study criteria audio relied upon in their study of sounds; benefited philosophers in their studies voice of excellence range of sounds features separated from other sounds that do not carry these features, was launched on this component term (standard), as used by Muslim philosophers and other students of the votes in determining the type of sound and how to speak it, and thus met with them a number of criteria sound that made the basis for discrimination between sounds as if the sound that is losing a single standard of criteria that is characterized by the difficult pronunciation it properly could be lost from the tongues, and the best proof of this loss of voice (by Arab) Arab and mixing with other sounds - the difference between the speakers - the loss of standard criteria that distinguished it from other sounds nearby to them. And we will try our search in this perspective view of grammarians of these standards in a manner so as not to signal Nbouks their efforts in the activity of linguistic theory, and perhaps we study the gathering of these standards and make them sound balance between them and the standards of philosophers. And, surely, we hope that our reading of the standards of sound when the Muslim philosophers successful to be of help in reading the heritage language at the Muslim philosophers, particularly sounds of it, and we calculated from this attempt to be investors to range than leaving the philosophers in the standard-setting audio special voice of the Arab

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