Saw between the grammar lesson and use the Qur'anic

  • Salah al-Kazim dawood


Male grammarians that (opinion) on three types: first, erector of the effect of one, namely, (felt) the visual, about the verse: {And if he sees those who do wrong, the punishment, it lightened for them nor will they be} {Bees 85}, and beliefs, about meaning: what show you only what I see} {29} forgiving. Second: erector to Mfolin, namely, (saw) scientific, about the verse: {said publicly of his people, surely, see you in plain error} {custom 60}, and the papillae on the opinion of grammarians latecomers, about meaning: I showed me Crush wine} {Joseph 36}. Third, erector of three effects, namely, (felt) for the erector Mfolin exceeded Bhmzh then transfer to the third, making it (I think) about the verse: {Allah show them their actions as well as the sorrows of them} (1) {167} the cow. He who wants a different division of the vision from perceived through vision Balhach, and the end of Palmdrick subconscious, he said: and vision perception visual, and it went according to the forces of the soul, and I: Balhach what is going on its course, about the verse: {to see hell, then you see eye certainty} { Reproduction 6-7}, and meaning: the Day of Judgment see those who lied to Allah} {cliques 60}, and says: soon will Allah observe your work} {Repentance 105} it, which conducted the course of the vision sense, the sense of Atsah to God, the Almighty, it The meaning: It is the tribe see you from where you see them norms} {27}

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