The Question Of Culture And Intellectual (A Philosophical Reading )

  • Abdullah Abdul Hadi Almirhej


The concepts of “ culture ” and “ intellectual ” witnessed a lot of differences and disparities in opinions . The research deals with them through displaying the theses of philosophers and thinkers in this matter . They agreed on plurality and variety in the meaning of culture , for it has characteristics of generality and comprehensiveness , then there is no one certain definition of it agreed by all thinkers . Scarcely could the researcher attain the truth and essence of culture . The concepts of culture and intellectual can be considered as freed from static restrictions and formations , and related organically with the concept of modernization in the world . Then their significations changes according to developments over time. The research works on the answer to the questions “ What is the meaning of culture? ” and “ Who is an intellectual ? ” , and it deals with their active roles in the lives of people and society which were focus of intellectual debates and dispute in the twentieth century . The answers comes through searching the meaning and roots of culture philosophically and anthropologically , historicity of this term , relation between culture and civilization , the concept of intellectual and his classifications , the mechanisms and means that must be adopted by the intellectual in his epistemic discourse in western and Arabic philosophical thoughts , the relation between the self and the other through dialogue and openness to other cultures and reciprocity of influence and affection in the fields of arts , literatures and sciences , and communication with developing cultures “ acculturation ” In the conclusion , we study presence of the Arabic intellectual in his society , influencing or influenced , adopting some of Edward Said’s theses in this matter . We also adopt the concept of “ independent intellectual ” or “ outsider ” , and the characteristics that he should have such as criticism , dialogue , difference and non-coincidence. 


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