((Drama Employment and aesthetic conscious sensory)) Film education

  • Iman Hamadi Abdul Amir faith


Fixed axioms that every work of art has two dimensions first dimension is no apparent ( perceived dal) .As II relates Palmkhva or ( perceived sensory) .And both of these dimensions Atzafaran in the assurance purposes and artwork represents the technical and content variations unit made up of different parts , regular and cohesive unit .In addition to being a complex system of elements and regulated by the maker of parts within a given installation work for the purpose of delivering mental concepts refer the recipient to composition sensory Madrkath .The researcher divide the current study into four chapters , as follows:Chapter One: the methodological framework for research and included ( research problem ), which limited the following question : ( What are the qualities by which the formation or the perceived embodiment of sensuous and how they are employed in the process of construction and aesthetic drama in the film ) . The chapter is also included on the importance of research also included on the objectives of the research , namely: -1- detection mechanism recruit and activate sensory perceived in the film.2- disclosure of the drama and aesthetic dimensions to the functioning of sensory perceived in the film.The second chapter included : ( theoretical framework and previous studies) .Contained theoretical framework the :The first topic : the ( sensuous perceived , the term and concept)The second topic: ( drama Employment and sensory aesthetic aware in the film) .Chapter III : (actions ) and identified the researcher (research methodology, the research community , research tool , and then chose one sample for analysis was the film " Babel " ). The fourth quarter results , conclusions , recommendations, proposals , and the list of sources . 


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