Searching for the Ideal in '' The Island of slaves '' of Marivaux

  • Farah Abdul Monem Fathi


After the boom of classics, the theater began his search for a new way to stir up fellings of the viewer. For this, we find that the theatrical work of Marivaux lived for a long time across different ages and between the different tastes. We find the most honest mirror of traditions of his time in his writings. We have succeeded in the embodiment of classic theater community in that era . But Marivaux's theater has addes a lot because the author contributed in giving a new meaning to the ''space'' through his portayal of a man who is locked in a deep reflection and recognize the urgent need to correct the mistakes of the past to begin a new phase through the relationship to one another. In this research we show how he draw a perfect image for a new world difficult to achieve but not impossible. The question we would like to found the answer is: between the simple future and the ideal what is ''space'' represent in ''The Island of slaves''? 

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