Reverse rotation of prepositions in the Koran model {And to crucify in the trunks of palm trees} A model

  • Qatea Jarallah Satam


Issues of Arabic grammar that comes up frequently when grammarians and commentators they might find in the Quranic verse actually infected without doing Altaadih known to him in Arabic, he resorts group of them to say : the meaning of character Altaadih this intended meaning another character other , as he went alkofion that letters traction in the Arab designee from each other quoted above says: ( and Oguetlinkm in the trunks of palm trees ) means the trunks of palm trees , while gold albasrion that prepositions are not representative of each other , and Ohm so he have to include the act of curing the meaning did exceed that letter , or the installation Múla interpretation acceptable pronunciation , said: almost crucified for being able of trunk once did in the thing.It then became the modern phenomenon of the issue Volfoa where books titled (the phenomenon of rotation of prepositions ) or ( modulated phenomenon ) , or quasi these . Vtaddt depending on the terms of the dispute between the two teams in this issue , Oenob the preposition from the other or if the act is that ensures another meaning Faady the Taadith.As abounded Quranic verses that explained where the preposition (in) that acts on behalf of ( the ) elected Find one of them for research and analysis which says (and Oguetlinkm in the trunks of palm trees) [Taha: 71] It is this verse witness Mubarraz on this type of prosecution craft they all have . And long Search inferred vetocited the advent of (in) words (on) . And set aside to be done sclerotherapy , including the meaning of the act of planting and burial.And research to try to overturn the prosecution craft in the Koran and the cold opinion Kufi view on behalf of the craft and set aside opinion optical view embedding , in the verse: (To Oguetlinkm in the trunks of palm trees) research found that to be Paljdhua أسافل sieving no legs huge bear head and then have sclerotherapy where apparent fact without metaphor does not include or a shift in the meaning of letter Altaadih . As for those huge legs upon which the head of Palm has called the Koran trunks of palm as in the scenes of Quranic stories for the destruction of the people who returned in Koranic Moon:20] and [Reality:7]


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