Account's Of Mousa Bin 'Uoqbaa In Historical Sources ( 141 AH / 758 AD )

  • Assist . Prof . Dr .Khdaer N.Hadi


The Quran is the primary source of home to the Prophet Muhammad ( peace be upon him ) by God Almighty , a lamp that illuminates the path of Muslims, has pointed out , the Koran to the historical events that took place, as life prophets and tribes and nations gone by, and on this basis is a source historically important to Muslims, and given that the Koran was not subjected to the details of events in the era of the letter , it was necessary to rely on other sources to see the biography of the Prophet ( peace be upon him ) and manners and actions , and how the events and sacrifices of the Muslims on the battlefield has emerged as the importance of the biography of the Prophet ( peace be upon him ), when he had a number of owners who had constrictive and watched the events and facts in that period, and thus did not allow for the new generation see the events of that period, has called these things, a group of historians to pay attention to the biography of the Prophet (peace be upon him ) and codified in order to remain a symbol for future generations.The Biography of the Prophet represents news and business and actions that are associated when the Prophet ( peace be upon him ) from his birth until his death , and recorded not only in keeping their cultural heritage , but also for the establishment by hand and unnecessary dependence on the other as an illustration of the verse stones , he says: ) I've had you in the Messenger of Allah a good example ( and on this basis began writing biography of talk or from the heart of the modern, inure some buttonhole ibn al-Zubayr first written in the invasions and the biography of the Prophet ( peace be upon him ) , and considered others Mohamed Bin Shihab ascetic first without science and books , in addition to the Book of others, including Saeed bin Saad bin worship, and Sahl ibn Abi Khaythamah , Said ibn al-Musayyib , and the servants of Allah ibn Ka'b, Amer bin Hrahabayl popular , and Qasim ibn Muhammad ibn Abi Bakr, Sharhabeel bin Saad, and Ian bin Othman bin Affan , Abu Amr , Asim bin Amr bin Qatada, and Abu Ishaq , Omar bin Obaid Al Subaie , and James the son of a curse, and Abu spirit, more than Roman Asadi , Abu black , Muhammad ibn Abd al-Rahman ibn Nawfal, and Abu Sulaiman, David Ben Hussein , and Abu pilgrim , Solomon bin Tarkhan Taymi , and Muhammad ibn Ishaq and others .The research topic (Marweyat Musa bin obstacle in the historical sources ) includes several paragraphs , including curriculum vitae for this historian, and Sheikhs who schooled on their hands as well as his students who took the science of it and the scientific status enjoyed by , and its role in the writing of history and the last paragraphs of the search, Marwyate in sources historical since before the revelation ( peace be upon him ) until the end of the Umayyad period added to the list of a large number of primary sources task that relate to the subject of the search, and a number of references of modern Arabic that dealt with the subject of our research is marked (Marwyate Musa bin obstacle in the historical sources ). 


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