Geographical dimensions of poverty problem in Diwaniya city

  • Dr. Intethar Ibrahim Hussein Al-Musawi


The poverty phenomenon is multidimensional and interlocked, The Research is deals with the poverty problem in Diwaniya city with special data analysis about the poor, that different in Economically, Sociability and Demography characters , and spending residential characters, The research is depend on the field study through questionnaire form that it distributed on the intentional sample to reach (369) family, with percentage (5)% from the statistical society, The research is reach to the some of the conclusions that more important of the illiteracy percent rising with escape of teaching and females sympathy little in the working, The salary is not orderly in the working, that it the main source to the livelihood for the study society, that lead to monthly low income with unemployment outbreak and random residence outbreak (unlawful), with weakness in municipality, teaching, and health services, The research is finishing in some the commendations that it important providing base of data about the poor in the city, for it characters study easily and contribution in substitution making for this problem, The research is finished in the list of the references and margins 



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HUSSEIN AL-MUSAWI, Dr. Intethar Ibrahim. Geographical dimensions of poverty problem in Diwaniya city. Mustansiriyah Journal of Arts (MuJA), [S.l.], n. 65, p. 1:44, sep. 2018. ISSN 0258-1086. Available at: <>. Date accessed: 04 dec. 2021.