Receive crisis prose poem in contemporary Arabic poetry "Trying to monitor the phenomenon and its causes"

  • Jassim Hussain Sultan al-Khalidi


It seems that the free verse, in all times and places, finds his way to the receiver, not smoothly and easily but in many ways that can be invested by the poet in order to convey the message contained in the poem, or the text. This means that the poem, or the verse in general, will not be invaluable unless it has an impact on recipients, or unless the recipients have impact on it. If it doesn't reflect a position towards life and the universe, it will be merely blank texts as pieces of language stones. The preoccupation of the poet to think about the type of audience that is impressed by his verse was not in all cases in favor of the text and the poet, but a talented poet who has a great talent for poetry is the one who embodies a different level of harmony and cohesion between poetry and recipients. This certainly does not mean that the poet waived his poetic aesthetic values established in his mind in order to approach the receiver. This is what the researcher tries to explain when he examines the crisis which affected the Arabic modern poem, especially the prose poem; as some classic poets have founded many ways in order to bridge the gap between him and the recipients, so that his poem has reached to people like Al-Jawahiri whose poetry formed a phenomenon worthy of attention and study and Badr Shaker Al-Sayyab and others. The prose poem has faced many difficulties in receiving because of its bulk and chaotic first models accompanied with excited monetary issues that prompted many poets look for means not much different from those of rhythmic charts adopted by the old poet. Other poets restricted themselves and started to declare that there is no audience for them and do not want an audience, as they are writing for an audience exist only in their minds, which is contrary to the function of poetry that requires the presence of these bilateral (poet and receiver) despite the change in function of the former in the contemporary blog. This is what the researcher tries to review in the subsequent pages of this research


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