Maran Historical study

  • Dr. Bushra Jaafer Ahmed


Moran received historical importance since antiquity and it's importance that figured out stemming from it's natural geographic , which led to the emergence automatically is planned by virtue of this circumstances, where an abundance of water from the eyes and fertile soil led to the emergence of agricultural activity helped to settle its family . where as it was an important station on the road from Basra to Mecca recognized it gained the attention of the caliphs as apart of their interest in this way for facilitate Hajj things that behaves this way .But what we have observed when you start studying the history that the historical sources had scant came in said history did not provide only blazer us little and tell it that what we got from information did not help us to draw picture of the reality of the political and social life , this is what we have committed to provide brief study of it. Because the information even though its little in the fact from moving in our search mission on the subject of this progress to the reader part of its history 



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