La physionomie et l'air comme moyens de narration dans l'œuvre romanesque

  • Dr.Yousuf Mohammed Yousuf


Two overall appearances together one of the permanent character of an individual, the other his real feelings or assigned to a particular moment of the action: the physiognomy and air. These figures are considered a great importance to the narrative in the work novelist. physiognomy and air are of great importance and they are quite numerous and a wide variety. The appearance in this novel selected is sweet, charming, friendly, or rude, sad, evil They expressed the feelings we experience and it serves to make us believe we experience these feelings The appearance is part of the essential elements that build the narrative of the novel, it refers to all the characters and character fits into the character portraits In summary, when novelist wants to present to the reader a character, he tries to make it fully intelligible, expressed by the physical, the category to which it relates psychological type, the general nature of traits that made him see 


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