Prison Poetry in the Ummoyad Era

  • Dr.zainab abdul-kareem


Praise in due to the Almighty One Allah, and peace be upon His Family and Followers. The study of Prison Poetry helps focus on feelings of the imprisoned Persons because of their lack of normal freedom, the imprisoned suffers because of his existence in Prison even if he gets all the facilities he wants in his Prison. The source of the suffering is caused by the lack of the simplest things which the imprisoned needs or wants, things that he cannot live without in addition to the daily bad treatment, bitter words and ugly food. Here, the Researcher tries to introduce a brief account for Prison Poetry focusing on its means, aims and techniques that helps us to understand it. The research begins with a brief account that gives on introduction to the linguistic terminology of Prison and its employment in normal or ordinary life in addition to the kinds of prisons and their circumstance with relation to the imprisoned and the causes of their imprisonment. The research is based on two parts: the first part focuses on the poetic devices and aims of the prison poetry. This part is divided into sub-sections. The first deals with the '' woman'' and her employment in prison poetry. The second one deals with ''lamenting'' which was introduced by different ways by the imprisoned poets. The third sub-section is dedicated to ''patience'' that the poets rely on after their surrender to the life of the prison and its bitterness. The fourth, however, deals with poets are characterized by their genuine feelings and truthful aims. The fifth deals with ''wisdom'' to which the poets return after their experiments. The sixth one deals with ''apology'' whereas the last sub-section focuses on ''repentance''. The second part focuses on an artistic study to the poetry of the prison. This part falls into four sub-sections. The first one deals with the literary validity and faith fullness of the prison poetry. The second deals with repetition whereas the third sub-section focuses on the image on the portrait. Finally, the last sub-section gives the main conclusions of the present research. The Almighty on Allah we ask to make this research of benefit for Researchers in Arabic literature. 



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