Nominals in English and Arabic: A Contrastive Study

  • 'Abeer Hadi v


This study is of a high importance to the students of English language as it deals with one of the basics of English grammar. Any student of English language should be taught what are the parts of the sentence (subject + verb + object or complement) and their substitutes. It supplies the students with beneficial information about nouns substitutes in general, specifically when they occur as a subject or an object of a sentence. In addition, it is a hard task to any instructor to explain the nominals to the students without giving them a comprehensive idea about the relationship between the form and function to each part of the speech. As a result, the idea of the study emerged through the explanation and exercises of nominals to the students as they face difficulty in distinguishing all types of nominals in different positions. Moreover, this study can be an informative supplement to any course in English grammar as it has the Arabic counterpart of nominals. In this way, it gives a full idea about noun substitutes in both sides - the English and Arabic - to any learner of English language. 


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