Ottoman policy towards the Mediterranean Sea (The island of Rhodes, a model)

  • Sameer Abdul-Rasool Alobaidi


Characterized the island of Rhodes (1400.684 km 2) strategically located in the southern Aegean Sea, as it is located near the southern coast of Turkey; away with him only 18 km, which is the farthest islands of the Aegean Sea from Greece to the south, located in the middle of the distance between them and Cyprus. Led the Crusader occupation of the Holy Land (1099-1291) to the emergence of the monastic military groups, including the Knights of St. John, were collected between religion and war in its principles; is the result of the circumstances of that community crusader and as a result of new needs. While over the majority of these groups after the expulsion of the Crusaders, kept the Knights of St. John on their organization, taking the island of Rhodes, a new base to continue their war fierce against ships and ports, Islamic, and have become experts in the sea, and began to princes in Europe are thinking to take advantage of this naval force large for the resumption of war the Crusades, was the Knights of St. John played an important role in most of the Crusades mounted on the Mamluk state in Egypt and the Levant and Ottoman Empire, which began the war with them after their success in the occupation of Constantinople in 1453, and its courts to the Mamluk state in the Levant and Egypt in 1517; therefore increased importance of Rhodes, from that date, as it lies on the sea route linking Anatolia, Egypt, in addition to that it has become a haven for pirates who threaten the pilgrimage route and trade, as the proximity of the Ottomans to make it become a site fortified fleet hostile imposition of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent (1520-1566) blockade on the island in 24/6/1521, after fierce battles in which victory has not written any of the parties, an agreement was reached On 21/12/1521 the text of the delivery of Rhodes against the Knights allowed to evacuate. 



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