The role of the embassies and trade caravans in Mongolian movement towards the eastern borders of the Islamic arab state

  • Dr.Hiam Odeh Mohammed Al-Amery


The role of the embassies and trade caravans in mongolean movement towards the eastern borders of the Islamic Arab state which represented by the Khawarizeme state , one of the states of the Abbassid Caliphate. Which was established in a late period in the state of beyond the river and Khurasan and extended to include all the neighboring areas which are inhabited by AL-Khata tribes . Consequently become a neighbor of the Mongolian state which itself started to expand in the west after capturing the capital of China Empire and destroyed it completely. Here started the relations between the Mongolian and Khawarizeme states , the first led by Jinkeez Khan and the second by sultan Allaa addin Mohammed Khawarizem shah. The research tacked a presentation for the first embassies heading to Mongolian areas whose announced purpose was building trade relations while the hidden purpose was finding out the degree of damage that befell China and to know the power of the Mongols and their military abilities , and consequently agreeing on establishing trade relations after the Mongolians sent the embassy to sultan Khawarizem shah . there were efforts to secure trade roads and protect the caravans and building a friendship treaty between the two sides which resulted in exchanging trade caravans between the two sides ,but may be those treaties were done between two sides that hold enmity to each other and the cooperation was established on hidden hard feeling or fear from the other side , as the treaties were broken very quickly after attacking the Mongolian caravan that was heading to Khawarizem in the border area atrat, and killing ills traders which numbered 450, this incident (or may be called disaster ) was the spark that lit the Mongolian enmity fire against Khawarizm ,the first entry to the Islamic Arab state borders and it led to eliminate the East states by the Mongolian forces which entered its was fully loaded finishing all the political and cultural aspects in the Islamic Arab East ,and conquering the biggest cities one after the other after the escape of the Sultan of Khawrizem the murder of his statesmen and the loot of his cities . All the details of these relations have been presented within successive sections in the research based on many Arabic resources most of which were written by contemporary historians and researchers at that time , who unfortunately wrote the obituary of the Islamic Arab state. 




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