Al-Mughera bin Shuba A model for bad companionship

  • Dr.Rahim Khalaf Auglah


In the name of God the Gracious the Merciful and the prayer and peace upon the last prophets and his generous family . The prophet Mohammad ( God's blessing and peace upon him and his family ) was like the others prophets has many of companions , most of them were faithful , they're promise the God and his prophet and they keeping their promise , till the day when they facing the God . also there is who mixed his good deed with the bad , and the hypocrite who care only about his personal benefit and his pleasure and served the unfair sultan . One of them is Al mogira bin shouba , this character has a great rule in the made of politics events , he worked in direct way with all government after the martyrdom of the prophet ( God's blessing and peace upon him and his family ) except the government of imam Ali (peace upon him) . This research contain many different titles talk about this companion . The biography of this companion Al mogira bin shouba , from the story of his Islam till his death in the city of Koufa , he was the ruler on it . And this research contain important signs about the theory of companions justices , from his biography we well see this theory was wrong . 




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