L'héroïsme des hommes solidaires dans Terre des hommes

  • Muwafaq Khalaf Sameer


Antoine de Saint-Exupery is one of most important writers in the history of french literature . He dreams of an ideal world created by his hope and his poetic images.This writer-aviator makes from his flying experiences the material for his novels and his philosophy to a world of love and to refuse the absurd wars . He wants that man be as the true master of the earth, calling for salivation to every- one .This man of letters, never content to sit in his office,his ivory tower, spending time by how matter is, describing problems that considering the human beings , or just giving the advices . Absolutely not ; he lives in suffering pain, sadness, to approve that man has the ability to be much better than he appears. He went too far inside the Human qualities which may process more strongerthan the mountains.The meaning of philanthropy in the ideology of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry as a sublime objective is nothing is impossible to be realized if we have the will, everything seems possible. The Little Prince, Land of men , Night Flight , Pilot of war , etc.. these are messages of salvation , of hope and of peace that Saint-Exupéry wants to convey 

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