Nizari Ismaili In the Levant

  • Ahmed Hpetr Ghari


Is clear from this presentation that Nizari Ismaili Anmahe product of many splits occurred on Ismailia band since its inception in the eighth century, and even the emergence of this band inThe last decade of the eleventh century AD. The movement began Ismailia from a combination of the most expensive teams of the Shia Imami . Over the centuries, which prevailed then decayed and appeared under different names and different forms of regulation principles . Although she continued to include new it make a difference , but they also continued to split into divisions and branches of many new McCann each Issadm the others . As the Fatimid state had represented a violent split in Ismailia movement of the nineteenth century , the Nizari represented the heaviest split was subjected to the Fatimid state prolonged throughout its history . This has resulted in the schism for Task powerful generator Ismailia it included elements outside the borders of Egypt and Yemen, and taken from the castle fortified headquarters of her death . I have encountered this band was facing hostility by any other teams that do not Nha created for themselves enemies of all sects and creeds as well as the parents of the Fatimids. It is through their acts of reprisal and Aghtyalathm that did not stop at the end , they came back the Sunnis and the Shia Imami and Zaydi Druze and Musta'li and Alhafezah good , as returned Aelkeznueln and the Seljuks , the Abbasids and the Crusaders , Akhawarzmicahien and Mongols. Did not write them, writers and historians who lived in these houses Eastern or condemned one of these religious doctrines book free from prejudice and bullying . But that remained Tnechehem the pens even after Swalhm of power , social and sectarian politically fully 


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