Why foreign in English public law

  • Awatif Abdul Majid Tahir


Start our study of the importance of the cause of foreign in this research study of the importance of civic responsibility Baksmiha Streptococcus and tort which in practical life and no matter how much in all the circumstances and the times and in all laws. And the reason is one of the foreign methods of payment of civil liability that relieves the debtor from liability when the responsibility for failure to perform a contract or contractual responsibility in the event of an unlawful act in Altqsria responsibility to break the causal corner and provide a reason that can not be predicted and can not be avoided. The law guarantees the Iraqi civil cause of foreign articles 211 and 168 and also the Egyptian Civil Code, Article 165 and 215, we'll look at why foreign law and the English public may be that research has fulfilled the demand for it prepared for




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