Moktma Abdullah bin 'Awf ibn Alahmer Al- Azdi Stylistic study

  • Rabab Saleh Hassan


Mute the thing of the door of victory and Ktmana also broken and (Aktaatmh) and (Moktm) in emphasizing Aolg conceal it. And (Acetktmh) Sarah asked him to Ictmh and silenced his secret (1). The poems in Almktmat literary terminology: They are poems that people are making no secret they seek only to Thagah of people fearing the wrath of the Umayyad al-Tabari was the text on this term by saying: - "Be conceal at that time (2)". He pointed to such a label Ibn al-Atheer (3), and Mistirbana (4). He met the linguistic and terminological meaning of the word, which means Almktma exaggerate the confidentiality of such poems as it carries privacy may be political or intellectual opposed to the idea of power at the time.




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