The role of Islamic thought in the development of the science of insight faces (Alvesaonomi)

  • Nadwa Mohammed Mohammed Sharif
  • Isra Mohammed Sharif Ali


Physiognomy is one of the sciences that is extremely important to know the human personality through facial features, and its various parts, so the scientists and philosophers of great interest, because the physiognomy show the natural laws governing that the body humanitarian and installed, the science tells us to distinguish between good and evil, a rarely deceive us, and this knowledge doesn’t only to the provision of natural tendencies and not on the creation AIDS education and personal effort. Researchers has focused on the insight of the face because in the forum pros and cons and he sets out the identity of the person and reflects the emotions and feelings, and the problem with the current study, in denying number of plaintiff sciences in the west has done for MUSELMAN intelligence of the human civilization of great services, since all the evidence confirms that western science owes its existence to the Islamic civilization, even in the field of physiognomy. So the aim of the present study defined the role of the MuslimS thought in the development of science insight faces (physiognomy) through the analysis of many Quran verses and hadiths that dealt with physiognomy with an analysis of the views of the philosophers of ancient Greece, including Hippocrates, Socrates and Aristotle, Muslims philosophers for example Al-Razi and Ibn-Arabi and Ibn al-Jawzi, Ibn Qaim al Jawziya, and the results of the most prominent scientists in the west, modern psychology in this area, including Roger Bacon and Ombrozo. Researchers concluded that most of the findings of the scientists were present, and referred in many verses of the Quran and sayings of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and the writings of philosophers of Muslims which the current study shows that scientists Arab Muslims a big role in the development of western thought in the field of physiognomy public and private faces discernment because Europeans have taken him and developed it and became a stand-alone note.




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