Between the lesser of two evils Scholars and grammarians

  • Hameed Al-Fatly


The science of grammar of the most prominent Arab science that emerged from the Arab mind, and colorful Put words into the cause of this science, we do not want to go into it, but can be referred to That the multiplicity of views that came as a result of the importance of this science, which set the laws of the Arab, and the development of Bases is as important as paying Imam Ali (peace be upon him) to make him the third of three as science, medicine and jurisprudence, he said: ((three of science, medicine for the hulls, and doctrine of religion, and as the tongue)). He was born of this science in the Zahera jurisprudence and the Koran and related it was not bound to be affected by this newborn science of jurisprudence, whether in term or reasoning or measurement And so on. Valtalil for example corner of the measurement at the Syntactical and he is also among the fuqaha 'and fundamentalists, the between ills as the ills of Jurisprudence ((from the right is no secret because as reasonable Moved The Jurisprudence reasonable Moved and he knows what it is employers' knowledge of them)) "." For example, it is also not about the ills of jurisprudence in its tracts and Qguadhaa pathways for the ills and as Qguadha, Vmsaleck illness grammatical taken from the paths of reason jurisprudence "." She has held the issue of vulnerability as jurisprudence the minds of scientists and started putting different reasons for that, and they have various opinions on this side and perhaps the most prominent of these son-taking, known Bdhugah jurisprudence of higher along Oalmath in grammar, language, and tried to differentiate between the grammar and jurisprudence by saying: ((Know The ills of the Syntactical I mean Hmagahm Almottagnin Alvavhm not vulnerable to the ills of the speakers closer to the ills of which Almottagnin so that that which they refer to sense and argue the case in which the weight or lightness of the soul and not the ills of modern jurisprudence))


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