Sheikh and rhetorical readings

  • Allawi Sadder Jazaa AlDarraji


And I considered in this research to address anything about the readings from Qur'an, and to highlight it, has guided the grace of God to introduce the opinion of science lofty of the flags of Iraq, and Jhbz of Jhabzth, and Mujahid from Mujahdi and the moon shining in the skies, and a superstar in Diagerh, The flame of rage in Qbsa, Arkih ordeal, and Sqlth jealousy, Ogeroth the truth, and Antgueth wisdom, and Oslapth attitudes, and immortalized in monuments left by the later to inform the asylum truth wherever they are, and Bgelth views bold has in his students and has been corroborated in the pages of his books. Have long dreamed that something O_khash in honor and remember the order Akhaldna, is not rhetorical, Sheikh Mohammed Jawad al-Najafi al-Rubaie and taken the title of my research which I called (Sheikh and rhetorical readings). I mentioned at the beginning of research translation for the life of Sheikh Allah's mercy and indicating in detail the effects, has been overlooked in this translation a bit, for some reason I see it valid, is that we are in the process shed light on such great personalities, which gave what gave the order to benefit others, and was incumbent on others to know these ingenious; ring because the media misleading the awful imposed by authorities ignorant obsolete abomination was a barrier between them and members of their community, a cloud Dkina Hjpthm from the eyes of viewers, so we we almost do not know anything about Azmaúna


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