Repetiton as a vesual guide in a poetry of pioneers poets

  • Dr. Raad chaloob al-basry


This study dealt with repetition in a different way from previous studies on this topic in the modern Iraqi poem  . Previous studies have   focused  on  the  concept of repetition rhetorically and      methodologically  and  the effect of that in the script context. This study differs     because  it focused  on  the  repetition  as  a visual phenomenon different from pronunciation and meanings in the poem and is inclined to draw a scenic image    made by   repetition  within the literary text... In  other  words  the  visual   impression  left  by   the repetition in  the   eye of the  reader  and  his  vision.

Since they represent  the first seed for the Iraqi and Arab  poetry ,  the pioneer’s    poets  were  the  main subject of this research because they use the visual annotations of the repetition   after it was restricted

 by the Vertical poetry taking into consideration  strict musical  commitment  as I see So this study will open the way to another studies taking the same phenomenon in the Poetry of certain period of time or in certain poetic collection.

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