Pre-Islamic poet between the search for identity and the identity of alternative

  • Ekhlas Mohammed Edan


Associated with the identity of the Arab before Islam to a percentage of his tribe, Wrabth blood and tribal affiliation of social Are the symbol of his identity, and the address of its existence, but that some of the poets sought the identities of the other in spite of Their adherence to the identity of the mother, was born of this research in a vacuum, but rather was the result of a shift deviated the course of the poet to Other identity, Valmhlhl search for a new identity when he linked his conscience and his brother, his hair Brthae clip Wael And his insistence on taking revenge, and so the case with Dred Ben laments embolism, which has been demanding the blood of his brother (Abdul God), and found AmribnKulthumAlnglbe identity immortalized and immortalized his tribe (built around), when King was killed Amr Bin India, and record the incident in the famous Malgueth which is built around pride of pride, are making have been Generation after generation, and search Tarafa's identity when he expelled his tribe, the zealous and drinking alcohol Sakra lasting until tomorrow MottagaasaMtkasla no benefit from it, he is considered by his tribe be defended her individual.Name that does not actually, so after he was dragged, but he returned to his senses and his roots, apologizing for asking for forgiveness and pardon, hold on his identity Original (the identity of belonging to the ground and their parents), and it is not strange that the identity of the poet looking TkhaldhAnd glorify his name, Fagdaa in doing good, Vhatm Tai found in the same generosity, his identity was that brought him.To eternity, which has been requested and are looking for 0Tended in a different direction other poets, as it replaced the original identities of other identities, KamreQays, who replaced the identity of belonging andidentity of the King and the fun and frivolous and Allajdoy loss, even ifCame news of the killing of his father tried to replace his identity again, but death has not been given this opportunity. And replaced Antara belonging Allamntmi identity imposed upon him (the identity of slavery and black And descent to the Abyssinian black mother, the identity of the knight hero defending his tribe Bani Abs, even Found himself, and achieved the same in the storm of war, to give himself an alternative identity under the long dreamed of. And replaced Khansaa woman's identity safe and sister protected the identity of the bereaved sister, was the rock Rthaaha Alternative identity, which was known for its crisis, and was out in Tramps on the laws of their tribes and Customs and traditions, and in their rebellion and revolution it, a replacement for the original identities, identities of belongingTo the tribes, this new identity, leaving the historic imprint made them a social group has its own.Characteristics and reality and art. Perhaps Alahtaih compromise between researchers of identity, and obtaining the identity of the alternative, the search forTribal identity being submerged descent, did not get it, so replace it with a violent reaction in retaliation for Community, which is best known for his spelling, even months tomorrow poets in the era before Islam, was Alternative identity that gave him the opportunity to prove oneself, and the revolution on the traditions of the community 


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