Dreams In different psychological perspective

  • Haitham .D . ALubidi


Psychology of sleep and dreams characterized by extreme complexity according to the difficulties researchers encounter relating getting sample, Suitable laboratory devices , accurate scientific approach , and low consciousness state individual reaches during sleep and dreams that makes it difficult to interact with and infer appropriate information having to do with his mental and cognitive behavior , so ambiguity and confusion is the best to describe this field of psychology that most psychologists strive to present their best experience trying to interpret this phenomenon . so current study tries the most important views and theories that deal with dream topic in addition to discuss them in scientific way based on deductive and inductive approach result in comprehensive final deduction. Therefor this study has asserted the mental processes previous viewpoints didn't pay their attention to, such as memory, visualizing, imagining used in day – dream and trying to interpret sleep dreams in accordance with , in the light of what have been reported several recommendations and suggestions have been set.


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