Role conflict and its relationship to self-control The teachers of the Institute of Fine Arts In the city of Baghdad

  • Ashour Moses ulfat Zuhairi


This paper deals with an important issue of matters educational namely school and suffers from the difficulties and pressures both within the institution or outside, so bear school burdens and responsibilities of many in this process everyone expects to exercise all of these roles and in order to achieve the objectives of the process of education according to What society deems acceptable.So built researcher definition Khudr (2009) to role conflict and knew: he hypothetical situation arising from the requirements of the roles undertaken by school and beset by psychological pressures create their ideas and Mchaara make them capable of compatibility with the environment in which it operates and this is reflected in their behavior with others.He adopted researcher definition Khudr (2009) to control and self-defined as an attempt of the individual to adjust his behavior self in light Criteria for reference (internal and external) so that it can postpone satisfy the wishes urgent in order to achieve the objectives of desirable "for him and his community," whether it's with a strengthening external or in his absence, or when arranging certain environmental cases, the individual can predict the occurrence of such conduct.In light of this, targeting current research as follows:1. Measuring role conflict with the Institute of Fine Arts teachers.2. Measuring the self-control of the Institute of Fine Arts teachers. The random sample of 100 schools, have been used by the researcher to the first test tools role conflict with teachers Institutes of Fine Arts and the second test self-control among teachers Institutes of Fine Arts,The statistical methods used are (T-test) for one sample and (T-Test Two Sample) for two independent samples, and I have search results: reduced role conflict with teachers institutes arts, and enjoy teachers Institute of Fine Arts degree high of self-control, and there inverse relationship between role conflict and self-control of the Institutes of Fine Arts teachers.In light of these results the researcher recommends the establishment of centers for guidance and family counseling and activate their role in civil society and benefit from standards role conflict and self-control as a means to detect the role conflict and self-control with educated mothers and uneducated, so researcher proposed study role conflict and its relationship to control the self-the parameters of special education. 


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